How to check your partners in China and Hong Kong

Jul 15, 2021
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Working with third-party channel partners has its importance and position inside the same holistic go-to-market approach, whether you are a startup seeking a channel partner or you are an established company eager to strengthen existing partnerships in the market. But you need to make sure that the correct channel partner is chosen for you.

When you chose the best business partner for your organization, you will finally continue to run your company efficiently. Many businesses are in connection with the exponentially expanding market networks in today’s hyper-connected economy that provide them with a wide variety of growth opportunities.

This involves targeting new clients and customers, labor-intensive sub-contract jobs or exporting non-core competencies, designing new operations, creating joint ventures or expanding alliance revenues, and much more. One common component of all this, though, is that it also raises the number of corporate partners with which they work exponentially: vendors, agents or members, contractors, employers, service companies, consultants.

Well, the proper business partner screening will help you assist with the company’s activities. If you want to make the perfect business decision, so we will assist you with that. Often note that all partners are the same and the trick is to find the correct network. Otherwise, you are going to be losing scarce money and time.

Information about each corporation registered in China is publicly accessible and can be obtained via the electronic database of each local Business and Commerce Administration (AIC). Among other information, this search discloses whether the company is an officially recognized company in China that can legally represent the company and sign contracts on behalf of the company, what the company’s business scope is, and where the company is based.

Possible reasons to search a company

Possible examples of this approach in which you can hunt for a Chinese company’s officially registered specific details include:

  • To sell your products on the Chinese market, you want to have a distribution partner;
  • You want to produce in China and you are searching for a producer from China;
  • You want to license a Chinese business for your technology;
  • You want to license a Chinese business for your technology;
  • You are considering entering into a joint venture or a merger and acquisition;

The online search database does not provide you with comprehensive details and does not address whether or not you should go into business with the firm. However, you may have some indicators that you can use as a first indicator if you want to communicate with that company by matching the results of the search with the details you already have from the Chinese company.

How to obtain company information?

For Hong Kong Company:

You can enter the Cyber Search Center (CSC) of the Companies Registry at to run business searches (24×7) on existing registered company details and image archives of documents registered and held by the Registrar of Companies (the Registrar).

You can also use your smartphone and mobile devices through Company Search Mobile Service (CSMS) at to execute searches.

You can also perform onsite scans at the Public Search Center of the Companies Registry on the 13th floor of the Queensway Government Offices.

You can also contact Vita Liberta for help and our specialists will be able to check the counterparty you need in Hong Kong for a small fee.

For China Company:

Steps to conduct research

  1. Go to the website http://gsxt.saic of the State Administration of Industry and Trade (SAIC). Oh. The database is accessible only in Chinese. We recommend asking someone who can read and write Chinese to help, if possible.
  2. Fill in the business name you like in Chinese characters with officially registered basic details. Hit the database scan and check out when you have filled in this detail.
  3. In a pop-up window, type the security code and click Enter. The security code will be demanded in either English or Chinese, depending on which AIC you have chosen.
  4. Choose the right company from which you want the officially registered relevant facts.
  5. The screen would immediately display the company’s specific details as officially registered with the AIC.

After the search

Comparing the information

You can ask your potential Chinese partner to give you their business license to compare the details that you have found online. Any Chinese corporation has a hard copy of their business license and it is a standard procedure in China to verify the license. The document will be issued by a Chinese firm that is sincere about doing business with you and has nothing to hide. Compare if the business license is the same as, or whether variations occur between, the registered records on the AIC website.

You should also search for variations between the officially registered specific information and the company’s information on the Chinese or English website, or information supplied by the Chinese company via e-mail. If there are any inconsistencies (for example, the identity of the entity claimed to be the legal agent or the scope of the company differs from the database of the AIC), that may be an indication that something is wrong.

Visit the local AIC if the information is not in the database

People need to be aware that it will not always be up to date or full with the information on the AIC websites. We strongly recommend that you consult a lawyer after completing the initial search to perform more due diligence. Chinese lawyers are required to contact the AIC inperson to receive copies of official registry papers (including the business license and the articles of association of the company). In some cases, the lawyer may have permission from the Chinese corporation whose records are stored to get access to the AIC papers.

Service hours of the Public Search Centre

The Public Search Center Search Stations, Selection Counters, and Shroff Office are open from 8:45 a.m. Up to 5:30 p.m. From Monday to Friday.

Services that are provided:

Payable Search Services

Image Record Search

In the form of digitized photographs, records registered by the Registrar are made available for search. From the Database Index or the Charges Index, you can pick and place orders for image records of recorded documents.

Directors Index Search

  • A list of both a company’s current director(s) and reserve director(s) (if any) (Companybased Search).
  • A list of firms of which a person is currently a director or reserve director (Directorbased Search).

Company Particulars Search

You may obtain a Business Particulars Report which describes a selected company’s main information. In addition to the standard company information, the report includes information on the registered office of the company (for local companies), the address of the principal place of business in Hong Kong, and the particulars of the licensed representatives (for registered non-Hong Kong companies), the arrangement of the share capital, the name(s) of the current director(s) and the reserve director(s) (if any), the company’s confidential company information (if any).

Importance of Selecting the Right Partner for a Business

One will witness a large amount of transition in partnerships with the advent of technologies and global opportunities. But still, in the dynamic environment, they stay as important as ever. The partner model was used to focus on collecting upfront sales, margins, and resale.

The partner channel has taken the same suit, though, as the technology market has moved to a more service-based industry. Everyone needs to upgrade their organization and want to keep away from the market, so it is not enough to have the best technologies to the consumers for the partners.

They will need to have responsiveness, versatility, and strategic capacity. A modern channel partner’s future benefits rely massively on who you want to partner with.

That’s why it’s always said that across all industry sectors, you need to pick the right partner for your market. Any business owner needs to have support and partners when running the company so that they can manage every area of the company carefully.

And they encourage resources to be exchanged by both parties through collaborations, including knowledge, experience, and consulting, as well as more concrete resources such as funding and marketing materials.

How Vita Liberta can help you?

In the competition, Vita Liberta will truly show the advantages of business cooperation. As a subject matter specialist in the race, Vita Liberta will ensure that the company’s facts and information are right so that the deliverables of the project/program(s) satisfy the needs of the partners, strategies, guidelines, and methodologies.

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