Vita Liberta Limited
welcomes you!

About Us

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. The Vita Liberta way is to make a safe and motivating first step in your business journey around the globe.
Don’t lose sight of your dream by getting closer to it. Think big with us.

Our core values are:
  • Enjoying the process, but being accountable for the end result.
  • Communicate sensitively – quickly, competently, and accurately.
  • Exceeding expectations – yours and ours.
Our license from the Hong Kong Companies Registry is a guarantee of security for your first step in Hong Kong.
Laws are our element. With mathematical precision, we solve the legal equations to ensure the right frame of reference and the smoothest possible trajectory of your journey from point A to point B.
Our License

Vita Liberta Limited is a licensed corporate service provider in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Registrar of Companies License No. TC 007080)

Our Team

At Vita Liberta, we pride ourselves on a friendly team focused on achieving the results we expect.

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