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All about the legal address in Hong Kong

Why does your company need a legal address in Hong Kong

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Pursuant to section 658 of the Hong Kong Companies Act, every Hong Kong company must have a registered address in Hong Kong (or business address in Hong Kong) in order to retain statutory documents about the company and its beneficiaries and to receive correspondence and notifications from government authorities.
A Hong Kong company may also have a different business address where it actually does business. However, having a registered office in Hong Kong is a mandatory requirement.
If you do not plan to rent a real office in Hong Kong, as it is not cheap, the service of registering a legal address will be useful to you. Please note that a company providing services for registering a registered office in Hong Kong must be licensed by TCSP.

Can I change the legal address of my company

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You can change the registered office address at any time. If this happens, you must notify the Business Registry Office in writing within 1 month of the change.

The notice indicates:

  • Registration number of the company;
  • it’s name;
  • old and new address of the enterprise;
  • Date of change.

Another option is to fill out the IRC Form 3111A. Proof of address may be required — for example, a copy of a lease or a recent utility bill for verification. You must also notify the Hong Kong Registry within 15 days. Failure to do so is an offense and any person in charge of a Hong Kong company may be held liable for late payment of HK $ 1,000 per day.

Best locations to open an office in Hong Kong

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Most international companies and government agencies are located on Hong Kong Island. The main business districts are Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai and Sheung Wan. They are considered the most prestigious, comfortable and most expensive: in 2020, the rental price is over HK $ 200 per square foot.

You can also choose an area a few stations away from Central, but this will create a completely different image. If you’re targeting local customers, consider office space in the Kowloon area. Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok is one of the busiest areas in Hong Kong. This is a great place to rent an office.

The New Hong Kong Territories are mainly used for back offices. Here premises with a much larger area, and the rent is cheaper. However, it will not be easy to hire good English speaking staff as this is a poor and uneducated area.

Correspondence address and parcel collection services

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The Hong Kong government usually sends four notices per year to the address of each company incorporated in Hong Kong:

  • notification from Statistics Department;
  • tax return from the Department of Inland Revenue;
  • notification from the Department of Inland Revenue to renew the Hong Kong business registration certificate;
  • employee return.

After receiving notifications, you should respond within the prescribed time by attaching the necessary documents. In case of delay, the company will have to pay the delay fine

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It is the secretary who ensures the guaranteed receipt of notifications and the preparation of proper answers within the prescribed period.

The service for receiving requests usually includes:

  • Receiving government, banking and commercial letters on behalf of the company;
  • Receiving notifications from clients about the receipt and forwarding of copies of letters from clients;
  • Sending responses on behalf of the company.

The Vita Liberta Limited team has specially trained people to work with clients’ correspondence. We guarantee that you will receive your letter the same day it arrives at the office.

We do not just provide the service of a legal address, we accept and promptly scan documents. We provide appropriate guidance so that our clients can understand what they need to do when they receive a request.

Co-working space in Hong Kong

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You can rent coworking space and use it as a legal address. Coworking platforms with a class A business infrastructure allow you to work alongside talented like-minded people and even with large multinational corporations. Renting a workplace in a coworking space will cost more than just a legal address, but this option is suitable for many companies.

Virtual office in Hong Kong

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As part of the virtual office service, the client is provided with:

  • local telephone number and fax;
  • processing of incoming calls with presentation according to the corporate standards of your company;
  • transfer of all information to the customer;
  • recording of telephone conversations;
  • acceptance and processing of commercial correspondence;

Every call to this Hong Kong number will be answered and you will be notified accordingly.

Call Forwarding Service for companies registered in Hong Kong

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A virtual phone service may be installed in your Hong Kong registered address and calls to a corporate phone are transferred to your mobile number. You will receive calls wherever you are. This service allows you to specify your local Hong Kong number as your primary number.


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