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Companies should observe their responsibilities to comply with the various provisions of the Companies Ordinance including their filing obligations. Every officer of a company, including its director(s), company secretary or manager, has the responsibility to ensure that the company has complied with all the provisions of the Companies Ordinance. If a company fails to comply with the requirements of the Ordinance, the company and every responsible person of the company shall be liable to prosecution and, if convicted, default fines.


We can check if your company is meeting the annual filing requirements or not or if your company had any violations of filing requirements under the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong or not.

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All you need to know about secretarial service in Hong Kong

Why does my Hong Kong company need secretarial services?

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According to the Hong Kong Company Ordinance, every company incorporated in Hong Kong is required to have a licensed secretary – a person residing in Hong Kong or a company with an office in Hong Kong.

The secretary ensures that your company complies with Hong Kong corporate and tax laws.

It is important to note that the word “secretary” does not mean a personal assistant, but someone who is responsible for your compliance with local laws. It is a professional company that meets many legal criteria and is licensed to provide these services under the laws of Hong Kong.

Annual obligation to declare basic information of a company incorporated in Hong Kong

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Officials are required to ensure that the required information is submitted to the Hong Kong Registry of Companies in a timely manner as required by the Companies Act. If the company does not comply with the requirements of the law, then it itself and each authorized person, including directors, managers, company secretary, are liable to the court, and in the event of an appropriate decision, they are obliged to pay a fine for default.

We offer reliable secretarial service for your Hong Kong company The general package of services includes:

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  • the timely filing of the Annual Return with the Hong Kong registration authority;
  • timely payment of the annual fee to be paid to the Hong Kong registration authority;
  • timely payment of the annual fee paid to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department for the renewal of the business registration;
  • preparation of documents related to annual meetings;
  • maintaining a register of beneficiaries in a securely guarded office and keeping them in a safe with access exclusively for authorized persons of the company;
  • control over the preparation of reports and their audit;
  • control over the timely submission of employee reports;
  • control over the timely filing of tax returns;
  • professional advice and recommendations to directors and shareholders of the company on corporate governance issues;
  • Company compliance with registry and regulatory requirements, including those published by the Inland Revenue Department and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

A separate package of secretarial services includes:

  • preparation of documents related to the transfer of shares and visits to the Armorial Bureau to obtain a seal;
  • amendment of the company’s articles of association in accordance with Hong Kong law at the direction of directors and submission of documents to the register of companies;
  • preparation of documents in connection with the following events and transfer of documents to the register of companies:

➢ change of director and / or company secretary;

➢ change of legal address;

➢ name change;

➢ distribution of shares;

Consolidation or division of share capital.

Provision of legal address services

  • Receiving correspondence from Hong Kong government bodies and informing authorized persons;
  • sending state mail in accordance with the instructions of the client.

As your trusted secretary, we remind you in advance of all deadlines for the submission of important documents

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We provide our clients with automatic notifications about the following events:

  • holding an annual general meeting of shareholders within 18 months from the date of registration of the company;
  • extension of the validity period of the business registration certificate. We usually remind customers of this by e-mail and phone one month before the due date;
  • filing an annual return within 42 days of the date of initial registration;
  • filing a tax return within 18 months after the date of registration of the company, and subsequently annually;
  • annual submission of information about company employees.

If the current company secretary does not suit you, change him You can easily select a new secretary

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  • Create a request for the new secretary;
  • sign the documents required to change the company secretary;
  • make mandatory entries in the company register.

Hong Kong Company Reporting Forms and Submission Deadlines

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  • NAR1 – annual report (within 42 days from the date of registration).
  • ND2A – notification of the change of the secretary and director of the company within 15 days after the appointment / dismissal.
  • ND2B – notification of changing the details of the secretary and director of the company (within 15 days after changing the details).
  • ND4 – notice of resignation of the company secretary and director.
  • ND5 – notification of the change of the reserve director.
  • ND7 – notification of changes in the details of the reserve director.
  • ND8 – Notice of resignation of the reserve director.
  • NNC2 – company name change notification.
  • NR1 – notification of a change in the legal address (within 15 days after the change).
  • NSC1 – return of the share allocation (within one month after the placement of shares).
  • NAA1 – Notification of changes in company articles.

Client's responsibility to the company secretary Obligations of our clients:

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  • immediately notify the company secretary of any changes in the company or in the personal information of the director and shareholder (for example, passport or address);
  • notify the secretary if the company wants to start a business or hire personnel in Hong Kong;
  •  promptly respond to emails and notifications sent by the secretary;
  • pay for secretarial services in a timely manner

What is unacceptable for Hong Kong secretarial service?

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  • Incomplete understanding of Hong Kong rules and laws related to company operations.
  • Delays in filing required documents or even late filing.
  • Failure to notify the client about important dates for filing documents with government agencies.

The main annual responsibilities of a Hong Kong incorporated company include:

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  • holding annual general meetings;
  • filing an annual return (NAR1) with the Hong Kong company register;
  • renewal of the Business Registration Certificate (BRC) with the Business Registration Bureau of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department;
  • preparation of tax declarations together with audit and accounting reports;
  • filing an employee report.

In addition, it is necessary to inform about all changes in the company:

  • change of secretary and director (ND2A form);
  • change of information about the secretary and director (form ND2A);
  • distribution of shares (NSC1);
  • change of legal address (form NR1);
  • changes in the name of the company (form NNC2);
  • any changes to the articles of association of a Hong Kong company (Form NNC2).

Why appoint Vita Liberta Limited as your Hong Kong company secretary

Favorable Cost

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We offer services at attractive prices because we strive to build a long-term partnership with the client.

Understanding the needs of international business

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Vita Liberta Limited is an international company. We approach the registration process informally and help increase the efficiency of your business, because we perfectly understand its needs.

Customer Focus

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Vita Liberta Limited values ​​each client and does everything to satisfy the needs of your company to the maximum. Every day we work to improve the service and look for ways to provide even better services.

The quality of our services

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We are regularly trained. Thanks to the built-in training model, all our employees are qualified specialists in their field. This guarantees the high quality of the services provided by Vita Liberta Limited.

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