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Legalization of a document is a form of certification of a document that allows you to give it legal force for recognition in another state. Legalization is required when a document issued in one state must be submitted to the official bodies or commercial organizations of another state.
Consular legalization of documents is required by organizations of those countries that are not parties to the Hague Convention on Apostille. Legalization confirms the authority, authenticity of the signature and seal of the official who issued the document. The legalization requirement applies only to documents issued by official government bodies. For each country, you need to separately specify the procedure for consular certification of documents.


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90 €

Consular legalisation of one document


80 €

Certification of one document by the state body


Legalize school docs for UAE (English)

The general procedure to legalize official documents in Hong Kong usually consists of two stages:

1. You need to present a document to the state body (Ministry or other competent authority) in Hong Kong. The document will be checked and after it is approved, a stamp is placed on it as an official confirmation

2. The certified document by an official government body is directed to the relevant Consulate of a country for which legalization is made

However, it must be noted that each case may differ and the exact procedure can be given when all the details are clear.

To legalize official documents in Hong Kong you need to apply first to the relevant state ministry or other state body who issued this document. The ministry or other state body will check the document and put a stamp on it confirming that the document is original.

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