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More than 100 successful document legalization orders in Hong Kong.

We help to implement any type of certification of documents: state body issuing the document, notarial certificate or certification of the sworn commissioner.

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Legalization of documents in Hong Kong for UAE
  • Certification of a document by a Hong Kong Governmental Authority
  • Stamping at UAE Consulate in Hong Kong for legalization purposes
from 590 $
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Legalization of documents in Hong Kong for Vietnam
  • Certification of documents by a notary, sworn commissioner or government agency
  • Apostille affixing of one document in the High Court of Hong Kong
  • Preparation of the letter for the consular request
  • Legalization of a document at the Vietnamese Embassy in Hong Kong.
from 590 $
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Legalization of documents in Hong Kong for Indonesia
  • Notarization of a document (stapling documents)
  • Apostille for a document in the Supreme Court of Hong Kong
  • Cover Letter Formatting
  • Filing documents at the Indonesian Consulate in Hong Kong for legalization
from 990 $
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Legalization of documents in Hong Kong for China
  • Certification of a document by a lawyer authorized by the Ministry of Justice
  • Confirmation by China Legal Services (Hong Kong).
from 1 490 $
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More than 100 successful legalization cases
We have helped many clients with the preparation of documents for the necessary procedures in Hong Kong, countries party to the Hague Convention on Apostille and other countries where an apostille is not accepted.
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Frequently asked questions
What is consular legalization?

It is a procedure for certifying that documents are in compliance with the law of their state of origin. In order for a document issued in one country, submitted to a country that is not a party to the 1961 Hague Convention, to have legal effect, it is necessary to undergo a consular legalization procedure. When documents are intended for use in a country that is on the list of parties to the Hague Convention on Apostille, a simplified type of legalization – apostille – is used in such cases.

What is the difference between the apostille process and consular legalization of documents?

Apostille process is a simplified legalization procedure for documents to be submitted to the member country of the 1961 Hague Convention abolishing the requirement of consular legalization of foreign official documents. Consular legalization, in turn, is a complete procedure for certifying the validity of documents to be used in another country.

How long is the consular certification of documents in Hong Kong?

On average, this procedure takes 3 weeks. However, depending on the destination country and document, the time may vary.

What does consular legalization confirm?

Legalization confirms the authority, authenticity of the signature and seal of the official who issued the document. Accordingly, the legalization requirement applies only to documents issued by official state bodies.

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