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Mar 31, 2021
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Hong Kong has a wide international community and there is often professional interaction, so it is normally easy for expatriates to incorporate professionally. Many organizations, clubs, associations, and other professional networks exist. To become a member of such a network and pay an annual subscription fee, you would usually have to sign up.

You can gain access to networking activities, journals, web tools, and facilities for consulting in exchange. On the website of a specific network, extensive details on how to become a member, different levels of membership, and the respective payments can be found.

The Chamber of Commerce of the country in Hong Kong is also the first point of communication for ex-pat businessmen and businesswomen. In Hong Kong, several major nations have a Chamber of Commerce presence and these operate membership clubs. The membership clubs are mainly targeted at ex-pats from the related country who are doing business in Hong Kong and Hong Kong business practitioners who want to do business in that specific country. They provide organizations with resources and plan daily networking activities.

For newcomers in Hong Kong, getting started with creating a network, both social and personal, may seem difficult. However, as Hong Kong provides many business networking activities, societies, clubs, and informal networking sites that encourage the meeting of new people, depending on your profession, hobbies, and interests, this challenge is easily combated.

This article will help you explore Hong Kong’s many activities and resources for business networking, as well as the best casual networking sites in the region.

Networking groups

The Entrepreneur Networks

The Entrepreneurs Networks (TEN) is a non-profit organization that connects business people with networking opportunities. TEN holds monthly activities regularly that are very interesting and enjoyable. Harbor junk cruise and Christmas dinner are the more popular activities.

A traditional TEN event is a networking event where attendees get to communicate about their priorities and what they need to introduce themselves. This is perfect for those who want to encounter friends from the industry and would like to better appreciate the region’s market environment.

Organizing activities for other related organizations are not uncommon for TEN. This is done to increase visibility and thereby allow members to encounter many more individuals.

Groups of channels on Meetup helps other area practitioners involved in networking to be approached by people. The community is amazing, it is passionate and kind to the world. When you need assistance with networking, make sure to consider this website.

Hong Kong Startup Founder 101

With the purpose of engaging, networking, collaborating, and creating fantastic new startups, the Hong Kong Startup Founder 101 focuses on assembling seasoned tech founders. Also, these people aim to increase the local start-up scene and bring improvement and enhancement to those concerned.

The Startup Founder 101 holds a variety of free seminars during the year where you can hear from experts who have gone through thick and thin the best practices of beginning a company.

Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurs Meetup

A networking platform for social entrepreneurs is the Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurs Meetup. Innovators, change-makers, and socially responsible globetrotters are members of this group. This forum provides the online SE community with monthly off-line activities and regular interaction.

The SE Meetup is now a wholehearted network of industry experts and social welfare specialists who are encouraging teamwork to solve diverse social problems.

Hong Kong Business & Social Network

A member of the Global Business & Social Network is the Hong Kong Business & Social Network. In 10 countries, the entire network runs and has over 20,000 members. The goal of this community is according to the official website, to provide skilled networking opportunities and to provide a healthy atmosphere for members to succeed in their business ventures.

If you are not yet acquainted with Hong Kong and the way things work there the community also offers support. Diversity is celebrated and there is the promotion of cross-cultural dialogues. The activities that this community holds are not all exclusively corporate. They concentrate not only on career development but also on enjoyment and social interaction.

Chambers of Commerce

There are also a few Chambers of Commerce on the land of Hong Kong. Some of these are very active and making helpful activities possible. There are many networking opportunities. There are American, British, French, and Italian spaces, for example. These chambers are famous for 4 their attempts to match the right people with the right possibilities and they have endless members.

To do this to extend their circle of connections, chambers of commerce organize business networking and other gatherings where people gather and socialize in a room. Let’s have a closer look at some of Hong Kong’s most successful chambers of commerce.

Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

For about 160 years, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce has existed. From the very beginning, this chamber has focused on creating a better corporate climate for everyone.

Every year the persons behind this chamber plan over 500 activities across various sectors for their participants so that every community can benefit. Their central mission is to encourage, serve, and defend the interests of Hong Kong’s vibrant business community. At the same time, support, training, and business resources are prioritized by the Chamber to instigate growth.

This chamber’s four main roles involve:

  • Business services
  • Connections
  • Events
  • Advocacy

Australian Chamber of Commerce

The Australian Chamber is a platform for encouraging the growth of member companies and for opportunities to link or network. They establish innovative business services in addition to this general assistance, provide business matching and event preparation services, and rent a conference or training space in the heart of Hong Kong.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, founded in 1977, is a proactive, nongovernmental organization offering a robust networking forum for business interests in Canada, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the larger Asia-Pacific region. The Chamber’s goal is to associate members with each other and with other members of the business network in Hong Kong, as one of the leading and most successful foreign chambers in Hong Kong and an 5 important business community in Asia-Pacific, to extend their prospects so that their companies and careers prosper.

American Chamber of Commerce

One of the biggest American chambers outside of the United States is the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. Moreover, it is the largest foreign chamber in Hong Kong and also one of the Asia-Pacific region’s most competitive and powerful international business organizations.

AmCham HK’s mission is to facilitate trade between the United States of America, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Also, the Chamber seeks to boost the stature of Hong Kong as an international business center.

AmCham’s fundamental principles include:

  • Ethical and responsible business practices
  • Free trade
  • Transparency and the free flow of information
  • Rule of law
  • Private enterprise

Many non-profits concentrate on the youth, some concentrate on environmental issues, and some are there to increase awareness about different diseases.

In its function, each institution of this type must cultivate social good and development. The most notable aspect is that the pursuit of the general good is the prevailing theme. One may also assume that this is what primarily determines a non-profit organization.

French Chamber of Commerce

A broad variety of facilities are provided by the French Chamber of Commerce that will help you and your company take off in Hong Kong. The chamber, along with business consulting, networking, and ads, delivers meetings, corporate resources, recruiting, and training. All of this is offered with a single end-goal that makes an organization thrive and grow. For more than 30 years, the French Chamber has been working in Hong Kong. It is governed by 40 councilors chosen from the Chamber from other members.

You will have a committed team of about 20 people ready to work tirelessly once you become a member, to bring you in the strongest place to network, develop and learn more about the business and the sector in which you are.

British Chamber of Commerce

This may not be Hong Kong’s largest chamber of commerce, but the British Chamber of Commerce is very well established. It is the most active multinational business association, according to the official website, serving a wide range of British, Hong Kong, and international businesses doing business in or with the country.

The British Chamber aims to help its members expand their Hong Kong business networks and to advance their business interests. This is accomplished by lobbying, gatherings for networking, and consultancy

It should be remembered that this house is not unique to the British Chamber. When it comes to being a candidate, there is no prerequisite surrounding race. The chamber is proud that it has as its representatives a wide number of Hong Kong, Mainland China, and other foreign businesses.

European Chamber of Commerce

The European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (EuroCham) was established in 1997 and is a non-governmental corporate interest organization. The EuroCham is a ‘Chamber of Chambers’ with 15 European Chambers located in Hong Kong and 1 in Macau as members. The nominated members of these chambers make up the board of directors of EuroCham.


The first, important thing is, take your business cards. It is really important to hand out a business card because the events have many guests and you would want to be noticed.

Do not restrict your personal life to your conversations. Try to ask insightful questions instead to avoid cliche questions (about food, weather, and so on). When you first meet someone, do not want to pitch something. Pitch the concept in a follow-up if you believe you have an opportunity to build a successful relationship.

You have to work on being a go-giver. Do not rely, in other words, on how someone can help you. Find a successful medium instead and strive to be supportive. Be a go-giver rather than a go-getter. Every entity is important. Do not ignore them if you find a person who is not in your  industry and you can’t get anything meaningful out of your business arrangement with them. Bear in mind that it’s not all about business to network.

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