Best Resources for Finding Employees in Hong Kong

Mar 26, 2021
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For your company, employees are everything. You may provide a brilliant product or have a unique service, but it damages all the effort you have put into your company if your employees don’t deliver. It is difficult to understate the importance of employee performance; great employees enhance your business, while employees who are poorly performing could leave you and your clients frustrated.

A company is only as good as its workers. The force that moves things forward every day the people who regularly fulfill their responsibilities, is what either makes a company a success or a failure.

Being careful and selecting the best individuals for your organization is important. And that can be a tough task sometimes, with so many choices involved:

  • How should you do that? Are you willing to post job advertisements everywhere, take in each applicant, and assess things yourself?
  • In Hong Kong, should you hire someone else to do that for you?
  • Perhaps you’re going to try to go with as few workers as possible and outsource the rest of the workload?

Hong Kong is a fantastic place full of great people. But how can you be sure that the rockstar that can help your company bloom is your new hire?

Fortunately, the best places where you can find workers for your Hong Kong business are listed below.

Recruitment agencies

In Hong Kong, there are quite a few recruiting agencies that have proven records of finding the best candidates for many roles. Looking carefully and finding a reputable agency would be wise. You will find a couple of agencies of that type below.


Adecco is a renowned brand that in almost every part of the world is well known. The business has over 5,200 branches and more than 32,000 full-time employees working for businesses like yours to find the right talent.

This business was founded in Europe, but they soon realized the importance of expanding and helping entrepreneurs and professionals from all corners of the world find what they are looking for.

Fortunately, in Hong Kong, too, Adecco is present. In Hong Kong alone it successfully helps over 500 people get a good job on an annual basis. Also, they have over 3,500 on-hire employees at any one time putting their skills to good use.

Michael Page

It is never a mistake to pick Michael Page. This is one of the leading management consultancies on behalf of several prominent businesses, specializing in hiring permanent and temporary staff.

In several parts of the world, PageGroup has offices operating in a total of 36 countries! Cities such as London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and others can be found in their industry hubs.

For Michael Page, finding the right fit for your business is a simple job. About any other agency of this kind has been outdone by the expertise of this organization.

The company embraces areas such as:

  • Legal
  • HR
  • IT
  • Banking
  • Finance and accounting
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Popular local websites

It is smart to search out local directories specializing in recruiting while searching for your prospective workers. In Hong Kong, these are the websites that display job listings.

To either locate a job or find an applicant, all employers and workers should access such pages.


JobsDB is proud that its portal runs more globally than just in the Hong Kong area. This career site currently lists openings and skilled applicants found in:

  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia

That is why when finding work, many regional job seekers often visit JobsDB.

The fact that their team has over a thousand employees is also highlighted by JobsDB.

To add to the platform’s well-being. It means a good presence in all the areas where they deliver their services.

There is a great understanding of each demand in the country by the experts working behind this portal. Also, valuable feedback is often gathered to further serve both the businesses searching for candidates and the job-seekers themselves.

JobsDB, an organization that opened its doors in 1998, is indeed a worthy choice and surely merits its spot on this list.


CPJobs is a very good platform for recruiting that is praised in Hong Kong by many businesses.

It is one of the region’s most famous work hubs. The architecture is new but functional and the user interface is not complex, so it would not be a challenge for CPJobs to find the correct match for your roles.

The predictive suggestion function helps applicants to access the right career openings quickly.

Recruiters, on the other hand, would also benefit from greater visibility when the work advertisements are shown to the best-matched applicants proactively but narrowly. This improves the amount and efficiency of applications a business gets as a result.

CPJobs is a perfect choice if you choose to use a reliable website that often lists multiple experts in distinct fields searching for work openings.

University forum boards

Different universities have their sites where students can gather for debates, research, and even internships and career openings online.

IT branches in different educational institutions collect job postings from corporations, to be exact. They build a board and post-work advertising on it to help students find the best opportunity.

Let’s take a peek at a few forums of this sort where you can post a career ad for students from Hong Kong.


JIJIS is an online one-stop work portal built for employers and students at universities. This working forum was developed by Hong Kong educational institutions sponsored by the UGC (University Grants Committee).

The portal connects existing students and recent graduates in full-time UGC-financed programs with online recruiting services. For all employers and job-seekers, these facilities are free.

There are eight institutions included in JIJIS:

  1. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  2. The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
  3. Lingan University
  4. The University of Hong Kong
  5. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  6. City University of Hong Kong
  7. The Education University of Hong Kong
  8. Hong Kong Baptist University

Recruiters reap the rewards of a large talent pool, considering the number of educational institutions that are offered. That makes JIJIS, of course, a wonderful place to find talented individuals.


Cedars, the University of Hong Kong Center for Student Development and Resources, offers both students and employers a well-rounded platform brimming with useful features.

The center takes particular pride in offering a platter of high-quality co-curricular programs and plenty of resources for placement. These include career advice, hiring talks, a job platform, a preparation program, opportunities for internships, and so on.

Cedars’ mission is to nurture learners to become a global talent. Each student should have professional skills and an entrepreneurial mentality.

When it comes to inspiring and supporting students to explore and find the right career choices, the institution is passionate. However, when acquiring the right abilities, students also have a chance to enjoy different forms of help.

To select only the best potential companies where students can prosper, Cedars works with employers and the community.

Hiring events and job fairs

Finally, recruiting activities and work fairs will be visited by both employers and job-seekers. These activities are abundant, as Hong Kong is a bustling place where thousands of businesspeople flock every year. Take a look down at a few such cases.


The government’s Labor Department regularly hosts large-scale job fairs all over Hong Kong. In several companies and sectors where job applicants can apply, there are a vast number of vacancies.

If an applicant wants to perform recruiting as quickly as possible, on-site interviews are possible.

On top of that, the Labor Department holds work fairs for the hospitality, retail, and manufacturing sectors in 12 job centers and three recruiting centers.

Education and Careers Expo

The HKDTC Education & Careers Expo was taken place in July 2020 at the Hong Kong Conventions and Exhibition Centre.

The event aims to present business news about Hong Kong SAR and China in sectors such as business, HR, education, and vocational training.

The Hong Kong Trade Promotion Council organizes this expo, putting together employers in touch with prospective hires.

Also, it binds teachers and educational organizations to develop expertise and obtain professional qualifications.

Normally, this fair runs for four days. In the last two years, it was held at the beginning of February, but it has been delayed because of the new world situation.

Hong Kong Tech and Startup Job Fair

The Hong Kong Tech & Startup Job Fair aims to match some of the best Hong Kong-based startups with the right talent.

As the Hong Kong start-up scene begins to expand, this kind of work fair has begun to draw ever more entrepreneurs and creativity from around the globe.

This Work Fair #13 is part of WHub’s Startup Impact Summit 2020, which is the StartmeupHK Festival’s key case.

The site for this event is Hall 5E, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Wan Chai Expo Drive, HKI, Hong Kong.


Hopefully, you are now aware of the many avenues that you can use to find the right individual for your company. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to commit to any one strategy.

Try out fairs and recruiting services, or merge work and college sites with career boards.

The range is all yours. Anyway, based on the number of staff and skill sets you are looking for and your budget, try to figure out what fits better for the company.

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