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Jan 27, 2021
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There are very few cities that can equal the fortuitous location of Hong Kong in the heart of Asia. The commercial and geographical access of Hong Kong to the region’s high-growth economies, plus its extensive foreign transport ties and economic benefits, make it the prime hub for MICE activities.

It doesn’t hurt to have a sophisticated and stable infrastructure in Hong Kong that lets it run like clockwork. Its international airport is renowned for its reliability and success, its transport infrastructure is one of the world’s most sophisticated and well-connected, and its vast array of venues and hotels host Mouse activities and visitors in state-of-the-art luxury.

Hong Kong has an exponentially strong portfolio of event venues that includes AsiaWorld-Expo, providing giant meeting space with a room for more than 10,000 attendees; Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC), with an incredible infrastructure to support events of all sizes and complexities; major brands such as Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong, offering more than 600 guests.

And here it does not stop. Hong Kong brings the coveted ‘wow’ factor to a MICE case, with its tempting sights and sounds representing its Chinese roots and modern mentality. International renown has also been achieved by the lively, diverse city for its fascinating and exhilarating recreation offerings that can captivate any tourist and leave a lasting impression.

You are undoubtedly mindful, as a practitioner, of the value of attending fairs, lectures, and workshops where you encounter individuals from your industry. But what if you’re a Hong Kong beginner and don’t know where to look? Hong Kong is not a remote area at all.

Luckily, in Hong Kong, there are plenty of business activities you can attend. To find out what activities you should attend, read on.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

The purpose of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), a legislative body founded back in 1966, is to encourage, assist, and improve trade in the region.

With 13 headquartered in Mainland China, it has about 50 offices worldwide. Both of these work with a common aim in mind: supporting Hong Kong as a major two-way investment and industry center.

You will be delighted to hear that the HKTDC organizes international events, seminars, and corporate missions to build business prospects for both major corporations and people who are searching for good work opportunities.

Via trade journals, analyst papers, and digital news outlets, the council also keeps up to date with business insights and product knowledge.

Last year, more than 300 promotion activities and over 610 networking events were coordinated by the HKTDC. Nearly all sector was protected and, in the future, the council promised to do even more.

The HKTDC also aims to highlight the assets of the city and promote the region as the central business district of Asia and as a lifestyle trendsetter, close to InvestHK. When many big names are present at their business activities, HKTDC events are certainly something you should consider attending.


Another perfect choice, if you are looking for great activities, is Meetups. This service makes it easy for you to join numerous industry associations and attend their meetings. Meetup was founded in 2002 and its main purpose is to organize online communities holding in-person activities. This is intended to collect and connect individuals with common interests.

In 2013, the website underwent a massive overhaul and it reached 25.5 million people. There is a large user base when it comes to Hong Kong that uses Meetup daily to hold activities.

Usually, the activities hosted by this program take place on nights and weekends. The activities at Meetup Hong Kong are no different.

Meetup groups are run by nearly 140,000 organizers and an organizer may be any user of Meetup. You will set up meetings, organize activities, and create event material as an organizer


InvestHK is a government agency established to help develop Hong Kong in all of Asia as the leading foreign business place.

This government department was formed on 1 July 2000 to draw economically and strategically meaningful investment. It is responsible for overseas investment and funding for overseas companies that are preparing to develop in Hong Kong.

InvestHK provides free advice and personalized programs to help enterprises thrive in the city’s economy. Since this department hosts a large variety of business industries, in the list below you will possibly find your industry:

  • Information and communications technology
  • Innovation and technology
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Transport and industrial sector
  • Financial services
  • Business and professional services
  • Creative industries
  • Consumer products
  • FinTech

Therefore, searching out InvestHK activities and seeing whether you can locate an attractive event for your organization will probably be smart.


This event organizing giant still plays an important role in Hong Kong, even though Eventbrite is not a local business.

Eventbrite is a network that enables activities to be browsed, created, and supported. The service only charges event promoters a fee in return for online ticketing facilities, so there is no fee for participants if the event is free. There is nothing that can stop you if you would like to browse. Only find online events at Eventbrite Hong Kong and start searching for the right match.

Only remember to set a limit for the position and that is it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular or a new face in town, you’re waiting for tones of cool tips and activities. If you would like to see Hong Kong’s most famous activities, just scroll down and you’ll have a rundown of events. The website is easy to use and super-intuitive, so you should have no trouble finding it out.

Events organized by coworking spaces

The task of coordinating meet-ups and related activities is increasingly played by coworking spaces, where professionals from different sectors come to discuss different topics and exchange ideas.

Coworking spaces in Hong Kong follow this pattern, too. Let’s take a peek at some coworking spaces that you can probably try out for activities.

Garage Society

The Garage Society is a Central Hong Kong-based, serviced co-workspace, and business center. It is situated next to Central Hong Kong Station on Des Voeux Road Central. And if you want to use the room on an ad hoc basis to your private deck with permanent office space, this organization provides anything for all.

The Garage Society also has a mission through business activities to bind professionals where people come together to exchange ideas, innovate, and learn. The Garage Society’s coordinated networking activities add appeal to entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses and learn more about the region’s industry environment.

In Sai Ying Pun, Sheung Wan, and Wan Chai, the Garage Society is also located

The Hive

In 2012, The Hive was created in Hong Kong. In 7 countries across Asia, the organization planned and opened 21 rooms.

Any Hive member will enjoy the Hive’s coordinated top-notch activities. Networking is a piece of cake, thanks to the app and a dedicated community.

Open-minded, accommodating, mindful, effective, curious, and attentive are the ideals of this company. The activities you will discover through the Hive are also deserving of your attention.

R ONE Space

In 2018, R ONE Space was founded. This coworking space offers a variety of room capacities, 24-hour connectivity, and technical assistance for the network:

  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small and medium-sized companies and corporates

This organization aims to bind individuals from various occupations, cultures, and nationalities through the activities they coordinate in their room.

R ONE Space is in Causeway Bay and Kwun Tong now. Their activities should be on your list.


It would most likely pay off to spend your time and resources to attend a Hong Kong convention, business function, seminar, or a work fair specific to your industry-you go home with useful new ties, perspectives, tools, and fresh ideas. You can also find out a new solution to what you do that will encourage you to become stronger.

And if you are one of those persons who do not believe in the efficacy of online activities, be assured that it is easier to attend an online event than not to participate at all.

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